Betty's Body Shop Staff

Betty Spradlin, owner and operator of Betty's Body Shop, Grandview, Ohio The owner and operator of Betty's Body Shop is a Licensed Massage Therapist with more than 10 years experience in Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage. Betty uses an array of modalities to tailor a massage that's just right for you. Her goal is to provide a serene atmosphere to help you escape everyday stress while delivering a therapeutic treatment that will manage your aches and pains. Her signature service is a 'Relaxing' Deep Tissue Massage. Betty believes that DeepTissue Massages don't need to be painful in order to be effective. If performed correctly a Deep Tissue Massage can be relaxing and still be extremely result-oriented. She also believes that a quality massage cannot be delivered without quality products. That is why she uses only paraben-free, organic massage creams and cold pressed, 100% pure, paraben-free oils.

Kelley English, Betty's Body Shop, massage therapy, Grandview, Ohiohas an extensive knowledge of massage and bodywork as a result of over fourteen years of experience. Her original studies began in 2003 in Scottsdale Arizona where she obtained her National Certification and Arizona State License. She is now licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board after continuing studies at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in 2010.

She first became a chiropractic assistant, and worked with clients suffering from joint injuries including muscle, nerve and joint damage, as well as bone diseases. In this setting, she established exercise routines, performed range of motion testing, applied electrodes to the orgin and insertions of the afflicted areas, and offered intensive therapeutic massage treatment to help with pain and discomfort. Kelley then traveled abroad to expand her knowledge of the healing touch. Her massage is infused with techniques from Turkey, Vietnam, France and London, just to name a few. Her training includes: relaxation and deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, hot stone therapy, and sports massage. She also blends East with West, by incorporating her skills of Table Thai massage, and Thai Herbal Poultice treatments.