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Betty’s Body Shop is an independent, family owned massage therapy spa located in the Grandview / Upper Arlington area. We strive to provide a serene, comfortable and clean environment to help you escape everyday stress while offering goal oriented, effective therapeutic massage, skin care, lashes and brow services. We are known for our customer service and personalized attention to detail for every client. We truly care about our clients’ health and well-being and strive to treat you the way we would treat any family member.

  • Eclipse Day

    This eclipse will be the first total solar eclipse visible in the United States since August 21, 2017.  The last total solar eclipse  visible in Ohio (dubbed Tecumseh’s Eclipse) was on June 16, 1806. This will also be the last total solar eclipse visible in the United States  until  August 23, 2044, and in Ohio until September 14, 2099. 

    We’re closed today so we can enjoy this spectacular phenomenon with our friends and families. We hope you are also able to take the opportunity.

  • Welcome Spring Equinox

    During the equinox, the Earth’s axis and its orbit line up so that both hemispheres get an equal amount of sunlight. This year, the alignment happens tonight at 11:06 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

    See ya later Winter! It’s time for Spring to take the wheel.

  • Spring Forward

    Do you have a massage scheduled with us today? Time has jumped forward so you get your massage an hour sooner. Lucky you!