Oxygen Glow

A purifying treatment to renew skin that’s dull, tired, sluggish, clogged or prematurely aging – with purified hydrogen peroxide and a duo of glow- getting massage techniques. In three corrective activity tiers designed to deliver personalized results with increasing levels of oxygenating exfoliation.  60 minutes

Experience Includes

Bioelements SkinReading, Signature Aromatherapy Breathing, Deep Cleansing Massage, Personalized Custom Blending, Clinical Oxygenating Exfoliation, Extractions, Aromatherapy Youth Renewal Massage, Customized Oxygenating Power Treatment + Power Mask, Eye Acupressure Massage

Corrective Activity Tiers

buffered oxygenating AHA exfoliation. for facial first-timers, sensitive skin types, those with a compromised barrier 

Cost Per Treatment: $84

oxygenating AHA exfoliation. for skin well-tolerated tier Signature tier, skin barrier ready to level-up corrective activity 

Cost Per Treatment: $94

maximum oxygenating AHA + triple corrective enzymatic exfoliation. for skin well-tolerated to Advanced tier, more resistive skin, skin barrier ready for highest corrective activity 

Cost Per Treatment: $104